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Corona Diary Day 5-6-7

stay at home You guessed it. The rest of the day going exactly same as the ones before them. We haven't been lucky with weather being horrible. We are literally stuck inside. At some point in past 2 days I have seen everything we own out also spread out in family room.  Let just calling it like "we are utilizing everything." What I enjoy the most is evenings. Eating on time and having time free of all the things to be done is refreshing for the joy of motherhood. Somehow my mind slows down a bit. I remind myself not to bothered by the tomorrow’s work. It is done today. We are done. We all get in the bed together, reading, calming down, hopefully 3 years old snoozing. Aren and I sneak out the bed, work on the puzzle, have a one-on-one time for a while. Those loose conversations are where the magic happens, I guess.

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