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What are we gonna eat tonight?

The question that we ask every single day of our lifes. Some has a bigger issue than others but question remains.
What is cooking? What are we eating today?

I did have a bigger problem when i was working full time. When we came home all together, those 3 hours was pure chaos. Everybody was trying to tell me something, i had to put dinner on the table. My 2 year old was screaming THE entire time.
After a week or 2 of that torture i find that i should't spend that much time in the evening with cooking.
I begin with simple meals, pasta, ready to go dinners.

Than i became more organise, my planning got better.
I don't plan each meal for each night but i do have an idea what are we eating that week.
It is flexible, it is simple.

I put a little bit effort on sunday and that saves our marrige and my sanity as a mom.
What i do is also quite simple. I chop, wash and clean.
I set something sourdough a side, grill bunch of veggies, make big bowl of rice or quinoa.


With all those…

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