4 rules of cooking with cast iron

cast iron
Cooking with cast iron

   If you knew me 10 years ago, you wouldn't believe how i cook right now and also how much i cook, above all of that how enjoyable cooking is for me. My cooking skills were as limited as scrambled eggs and plain pasta without a sauce( oh really). My husband, his sister and brother, couple of years later one than two kids survived my cooking. We are all OK:)

    10 years later hier we are. Me cooking and loving it. 

    While i happily invest my time for it, i still like to cook simpel. I love good ingredients, flavorful combinations, organic and authetic meals. My cast iron is my best friend in the kitchen due to his diversity and durablity. 

cooking with cast iron

    Cast iron has his own rules, you don't crossed them you stay as friends. Here are my tips for cast iron cooking.

1- Don't ever live it to air dry. Water is your enemy, your cast iron has to be dry at all times. You don't soak it, you don't live it wet.

2- Pre heat always, each time before you put anything on it. 

3- If you wash it regularly, you take care of the seasoning. This part is controversial. While you find lots of conflicting information about cleaning a cast iron, i do wash it if i cook meat or chicken in it. Otherwise just a  kitchen towel and a scrubber.

simpel cooking4- And that scrubber. I use the one from lodge. Girl. Just buy one. Believe me, nothing compares.

    From my point of view it has been a bliss. I don't even know anymore how was it before. You heat it on the stove, finish it in the oven. Took out, put it on the table. So chic if you bind a kitchen towel to the handle, so authentiek if you let it sit on a cutting board. It is not gentle, you get to use every peace of utensil you own. 

    The learning curve of cast iron cooking is a weird one. When you get what to do, you just get it. It is a bit like a machine you know its buttons, you know how to operate it. 

    There is nothing that i am not able to use them, i never missed my old  non-stick pans even for a day. 

    My advise is begin slow. Get a small one, cook some eggs with it. Get use to it and than invest in bigger peaces. 

    More importantly, have fun.



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