Open kitchen with open shelves

white and blue kitchen renovation
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 Hey friends,

How on earth i didn't put some pictures of my kitchen up here till this day. 

My pride and joy. Where i spend litteraly most of my life willingfully. 

Well friends i do enjoy cooking. Like a lot. That is why my kitchen is the true hart to my home. 

After 3 years i still come downstairs in the morning, open the kitchen door and can't hold my smile a bit.

l always wanted something timeless but with an attitude.

Going back and forward between two designs eventually we have choosen the holiday look. Light airy, colorful and relax. My focal is on colors, i happily put some bold on big objects as you might have seen in my dininng room area. This time navy was my color, a little bit darker but brighter.

For the doors i have choosen white shakers for wallside, blue massive classics for the kitchenisland. 

This style gives my island defferent look and feel. It is more like a giant furnature in the middle. It holds my dishwasher and sink also happens to be my main work surface.

Behind that i have my fornuis with induction burners. Smeg has been my favorite for quite sometime, now that i have been using it for 3 years i can totaly recommend it. Maybe i can rewiev it seperately. About induction:I would never use fire again. Seriously. I am cleaning that thing 3 times a day. That is not nigotiable.

I don't have uppers. Two open shalves hold the things i use all the time. Water glas, small coffee mugs...

Fridge hides behind the cabinet doors, looks like it has 2 departments but actually has 1. 

open kitchen with gold blue and white

As seen on the foto's cabinets are quite less than an avarage kitchen. They are not even fully ocupied actually. As much as i love colorfull and full looking spaces i don't like to be drowning in the things i don't use. Not a minimalist but also doesn't need much.

After 3 years i still deeply in love my kitchen. 

I wish everybody their dream kitchen, joy of cooking, indulgent meals with loved ones.

See you soon