Pregnancy update 34 weeks

     This pregnancy is flying by so fast. I have been busy bee and it works like a charm not to worry too much and not to buy too much😀
     Last week or two i'm feeling relly pregnant. My belly got so big in no time it is ridiculous.
2 weeks ago i had almost no belly and now i look like legit 8 months pregnant.
Luckyly i have minimum problems axcept at night😑
I have reached the place you can't find any position comfortable. I'm majorly lacking sleep i guess i need to get used to it😜
     I have gained 11kg and still counting. My guess i will end up with 13kg weight gain(hoopfully).
No special cravings but my stomach is uncomfortable and i'm tring to fix it by eating everything on site. Well it gets worst ofcourse.
     Nursery is progressing. Not that she will be sleeping there any time soon but still nesting mama in me wants everything to be ready. Well i know that will not happen but still... Progressing.
I will be sharing nursery with house update soon.
In general i feel beter dan the most, still walking, moving, dansing. I hope to be that way nother month. I know last week or two are inevitably heavy.

Lovely to see you here.


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