Home renovation

Messy bussiness indeed.
But i'm loving it😊

We bought at the end of last year a nieuw house. Location, space and the garden was what we looking for but literally nothing else. So we stript it down to the brick. 
My husband works with a very busy schedule so i took the constructing job, find workers, time all process, sorce and buy everything.
Then i got pregnant👶
Then old house was sold and we had to move.

One month prior to move every single person told us it would not work, we were crazy. 
Every single person!!!

Somewhere in between it got very very messy but we maneged to get into a livable house way early than we anticipated. I'm thankful for where we are and where we are headed. 

I enjoyed my garden almost all summer long. That was the main reason why we moved so that felt right and good. It felt like vacation. Score!!!

Now we progress slowly but i love and appreciate every single change. 

Lovely to see you...


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