Good Start

   I'm one of those people who wakes up hungry.
I like my big breakfast and i seriously can't skip it. Hungry version of mine is no pretty, very cranky i'm not proud of it.😅
   About 3 years ago i faced a dilemma about my beloved breakfast. Suddenly it was to much. My stomach reacted in a bad way every morning, i clearly needed time before i eat. My stomach vs real life: Who has an hour extra in the morning just to wait until all systems running smoothly???
So i begun to search. And try. And fail. Until...
   I met granola :)
   First i store bought then homemade.
   I have a very easy recipe dat allows you be creative. It is forgiven to non existent ingredients or newby mistakes.
   My 5 years old son loves it. It relieved us from morning fights at breakfast table which is a enough goodness if you ask me.
   Also this way he eats lots of nuts and fiber in the morning, drinks at least cup of milk.
So big fan here.

300gr rolled oats
7 ts of nuts. (go crazy)
1 ts coconut oil
1 ts tahini
1ts honey

Mix them perfectly.

Lay them as thinly as possible
160 celcius for 20 min.

Lovely to see you here


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