This year vacation planning was a real issue.
     First we sad we wouldn't go anywhere because of the renovations. We made our peace with it. At least we thougt we did. 
    Than realised that we could't make it to next year without any break. 👹We picked a location and changed our minds about it. 😎
    My pregnancy and scheduling around all the work we need to do was too much at some point and we decided to go somewhere we longed for a very long time.
    Let me say that it was the most difficult trip i've ever planned. 4 city's to see, 100 ways to get around, almost 2000km far away. Eventually we decided to start in Malaga and follow with Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla. It has been an amazing trip, totally what we needed.

    Now i'm back home writing this post and remembering vividly those colorful moments that i added to my memory for those ages you can't move a lot😁

    Lovely to see you


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