Pregnancy Update week 21

Week: 21
Gender: Girl
Second child
Weight gain: 5kg

I'm halfway through. Time really flies when you don't pay attention i guess. Not that i didn't want to but last couple of months have been such a chaos... Accually this is a very good thing because of the length of a pregnancy :)
If i may summarize past haf of this pregnancy, it has been easy so far. I have difficulties at my 2. month but all of of my problems such as low blood pressure and dizziness were gone into the end of that trimester.

I have a 5 year old boy and now i'm having a girl.
Very exciting and expensive i assume:)

Than my appetite....
I am a good eater. Always have been and will be. I eat always more than any other woman i sit with almost as much as a man.
Now i eat more.
It is like i have an hole in my stomach and everything i eat dissapears in an hour or two.
That might cause issues about weight gain in the near future. Let's try to forget about that.

My girl has a room with nothing in it. I'm planning to take care of it when i'm back from Spain.
No theme or big ideas yet but i can't wait to decorate the nursery. This is my chance to go full girly. And i intend to do accordingly.

Lovely to see you here.


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