Londen tbt

It was a year ago we have been to Londen.
Today is thursday.
Such a convenient tbt.

I know you all have heard about how beautiful London is.
Well it is.
Single most beautiful city i have ever seen.
And most importantly, she welcomes you like no other place. You take metro, make it to the couple of destinations of yours and you feel Londener. Like she hugs you, like she knows you, like you already know her.
Food is so versatile. Wherever you walk you will be walking by little and big, cheap and expensive, good and better food. It is quite schokking how many place you have to grab a bite.
I loved everything i ate. I found that the food is priced generally ok. Of course there are places that will cost you an arm and a leg for a dinner for two. Lean each other, leave happy and full :)
Walk my friend. Wonder about, be lazy,  sit down with a yummy sandwich in one of those gorgeous parks.
Hopefully i will be planning another Londen trip with my little boy. There is so much Londen offers to a child. I love to see him enjoying the favorite city of mine.
I might write another more in depht Londen guide in the future.
Until than...

Lovely to see you.


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