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What we ate in a week dinner adition

Hi guys, I come to you with what we had in a week dinner addition. Sorry for bad foto's, this was almost month ago and it was always quite dark.  Easy, fast kid friendly meals just to ease your evenings, taking the pressure off and enjoying some family time without spending hours in the kitchen. They are all healty in my opnion. Ofcourse this is a controversial topic to some but lets stay on course. They are homemade from stratch, with whole foods and mostly organic produce.  Monday Greek salad with sourdough bread . Today is also my delivery day so i take it as easy as possible. Also we eat quite heavy in weekends so it wouldn't hurt if we go healty all the way. Salad and sourdough bread are on the menu. Everyone make it his own. I put seeds in mine, hubby wants feta, kids like it in smaller peaces and boter on the bread. With a little bit tweaking happy crew.  Tuesday Sourdough quiche with leeks, fennel and groungbeef. Green lentel salad with couscous Every other week i make

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